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Welcome to Devon Welfare Rights Unit

Here you can find details of the services we provide as well as news of national and local welfare rights developments. There are also links to other useful websites and an interactive Signposts Guide to help you identify entitlement to benefits and tax credits and find local organisations that may be able to help further.

Specialist Consultancy and Casework Support

Devon Welfare Rights Unit staff can assist advisers from the not for profit sector in Devon by identifying benefits or tax credits to which a person may be entitled and by providing assistance with challenging decisions.


Training is available to staff in organisations whose work involves contact with people who are claiming or might be entitled to benefits or tax credits.

Advice to Families

Co-ordination of Quids 4 Kids Benefits and Tax Credit Advice Service for Families of Children with Special Needs.

Adult Care Services

Joint operational management of the Devon Fairer Charging Team in partnership with the CAB Service in Devon and Devon County Council Client Finance Services

Devon Welfare Rights Unit (DWRU) was established in 1989 by Citizens Advice with funding from Devon County Council (DCC) to provide support services to Devon CABx and other public sector organisations whose work involves advising people about entitlement to benefits.

Devon Welfare Rights Unit is a second tier specialist welfare rights service. This means that we provide support services to organisations rather than directly to members of the public.

Devon Welfare Rights Unit
  • A £1 million contract to develop a new consumer champion for Devon has been awarded by Devon County Council to the Community Council of Devon, an independent local charity. read more.

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